Daddy’s Letter Machine

Daddy had a special room in the basement. I never realized how special it was for the 1940’s-1950’s until I was older.

It was never called a den, or office…it was “Daddy’s Room”.

The walls were lined with some sort of natural wood and he had made recessed framed cutouts, lined them with old pool table felt, and hung his hunting ‘tools’ for all to enjoy.

Over against a bookcase there was a narrow board that held his old black phone and the typewriter.

I remember as a little girl, standing beside him and watching the keys at eye level come up and strike the paper with a pop!

Faster and faster the keys would go pop, pop, pop and letters would magically appear on the paper!

“What was he doing?”, I remember thinking, “What was this marvelous machine?”

Then I learned my letters and observed that this marvelous machine was a letter maker.

How foreign it is to children today.

They have many letter machines, but none of them go pop, pop, pop. And none of them hold a roller that turns and holds paper.

Today, Daddy’s typewriter sits in our attic room that I call “The Cabin”.

I think it would still work if we got a ribbon.

But I love to let my grandchildren discover this marvelous machine, and push the keys down to hear a “Pop!” .

Memories flood my mind as I work on my computer and they “Pop” the keys with glee on Grandma’s marvelous letter machine.

Daddy would enjoy watching his Great-Grandchildren discover his letter machine…

A special “Moment in Time”~

My Mother’s Golden Shoes

I am not sure of the age that I made the great discovery… But I remember the continual joy of my mother’s golden shoes ~ on or off of my feet.

Her bedroom closet was in the stairwell with deep cubbies of treasured memories. Imagine the delight when I found the golden shoes.

My mother was very tiny when she married and the shoes were tiny, as well.

I am not sure of when she had outgrown them, but I can’t tell you the excitement that came over me when I slipped them on my foot and they were only a little over an inch too big!

With the straps that went across the top of my foot, I could walk around and not tip over… What joy!

I wonder now, what it was like the first night she wore the golden shoes. It was March 31, 1935~ their first wedding anniversary. My mother and father were not dancers, nor did they go to fancy parties. They were not socialites of any nature, so why the golden shoes? And were did they eat dinner? Did they eat alone or with friends?

They had no children at the time, so no sitter was needed ~ but now, as her third daughter, I wonder ~ what was it like to wear the golden shoes?

My years growing up continually brought me back to the closet where I would emerge all dressed up ~ clippity clop ~ to find my mother and show her my beautiful golden shoes.

Today, they sit in my Victorian Tea Parlour, stuffed with sachet instead of little feet, displaying themselves proudly as the memory of “A Moment in Time”~

“…in it’s day!”

Opening my home for teas and events have been a great source of entertainment in the ‘ears of a little mouse’. While refilling a tea cup, or clearing dishes, or coming around the corner one can be a part of a conversation without saying a word.

Creating an atmosphere of entertainment to the eye, incorporating history, decor and beauty is my passion and joy. Private conversations about this or that are always part of the event and sometimes, while serving, I get to be a part.

It was when I was refilling a tea cup, I heard the quiet, shaky voice of one senior saint to another, “Boy, this house must have been ‘sumptin in it’s day!” To which the other agreed with “a nod of her head and a “hmmm…’ from a mouth full of delectables, as they gazed around the room.

What words of nourishment they were to me that day, because in my new house, which was only 5 years old at the time, I had worked hard to create a feeling of antiquity…

And who would know the authentic better than one antique to another

…a precious moment in time!

The Phonograph

Some people think my phonograph is real and want to know if it still works.


It works.

The cassette tape slot is on the right side.

Camouflage can be more than a variety of green spots overlaying each other.

Camouflage can be a gathering of objects that relate to each other to create the feeling of an era.

But I can hear “I Love You, Truly” coming out of the megaphone… Complete with the sound of the scratchy record and maybe even a click of a tiny crack in the big black disc. (That was a song sang at my parents wedding in 1934.)

Sometimes camouflage can lead to imagination that can lead to reality.

Would you like to hear another record?

A “Moment in Time”…

I’ve got spots, blemishes and wrinkles…and love.

I have accomplished something that many people live an entire lifetime and are not able to do.

I have accepted myself.

I am in my 60’s and I have spots, blemishes and wrinkles … And I am okay with that.

I don’t want to spend money on creams that will take away wrinkles for 3 weeks.  I don’t want to wear some kind of contraption that will lift my skin and cheeks up so I look 1 year younger.  I don’t want to change the color of my hair… As if people didn’t know that I am gray!  I don’t want to sit in front of the mirror and make ‘eek’ faces at myself for 15 to 30 minutes to tighten my skin… It’s going to go right back to drooping!

I do use a spot cover sometimes when I am dressing up.  But I am okay with that.

By some terms, I am old.

And I don’t have to wear purple.

When you are old, why NOT have a spot, blemish AND wrinkle!

My goodness, if I don’t have them now, when WILL I have them?

The Proverbs 31 woman has no fear of old age.

That is what I want to do… Is eliminate fear in this moment of time.