“This Kiss ~ This Kiss”

Forty one years ago, today, marks the moment when
“this kiss ~ this kiss”
sealed our commitment to each other for a lifetime.
Darrell & Linda
In the current era, even though the words are spoken traditionally, many marriages dissolve before the blending has even begun.
For me, Darrell IS MY ‘knight in shining armor’ but much more than that,
he is my husband who totally committed himself to marriage; our marriage ~ a lifespan of marriage.
The blending of our lives has been a waltz of twirls, dips with countless quick steps of recovery.
Our twirls have been circles of forgiveness,
our dips have been times of complicated communication… or the lack thereof,
but our steps have always been ordered by the Lord.
We have spent our early years learning what God’s plan is for the man and
what His plan is for the woman giving a direction to the pathway we chose to take.
As we learned, we worked to implement the design and purpose in our daily walk.
We learned the art of communication ~ how to talk, how to listen.
We learned how to respect and how to love.
We learned how to compromise sometimes without compromising.
We learned how to let go.
We learned how to hold on.
We learned contentment.
Contentment with each other…
contentment in situations… contentment even with painful circumstances… and we’ve kept dancing.
Today, this kiss is truly incredible, 41 plus years and it’s still incredible!

The Clock Won

"The Clock Won"
I have to say, I didn’t want to let the year 2012 go…
I like even numbers.
We all know what 13 means.  Or at least, what we have been groomed to think it means.
Time has won.
2013 is here~
I couldn’t stop it.
So now what will I do with this year?
What do I want to do to make my life count?
I want to organize pictures and family history…
I want to create music play lists of my favorite melodies…
I want to quilt… all different kinds of quilting…
I want to write… blogs, letters, stories, books…
But most of all, I want to get to know someone better… the one who knows me best and loves me most… Jesus.
What are you going to do?