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We have two options for taking a virtual tour. First, the link to the left “Take The Full Tour” will open a beautiful slideshow with music, allowing you to sit back, sip tea (or coffee) and enjoy the photos of our house in a completely undisturbed manner.

The second option is to explore on your own by selecting a category below. We know you will enjoy the view right from your home computer, although there’s nothing quite like actually being here.

The Ultimate Level
Also known as the main level, this is where all the action takes place. The eating, the networking, the
lounging fully clothed in a waterless tub with a laptop…no, really, it has happened.

The Summit Level
The upper level of the house – away from the hubbub, it is the hub for getaway-ers who need to either do absolutely nothing or focus on a project. In a few words, the atmosphere is cozy and conducive to concentrating.

The Subterranean Level
In this basement level of the house, you’ll find yourself in an atmosphere full of nostalgic delights. Ladies Night Inn is a monthly event that utilizes the gorgeous Home Theater and the 1950’s-style Soda Fountain Kitchen.

The Peripheral
Should the rain come or should the sun shine, our outdoor spaces provide a place for you to sit, relax, take in the view, or even have a spot of tea on the Veranda! There are lots of opportunities for escape, and plenty of scope for the imagination.