“Heavenly Sunshine”

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone…” oops, it’s back!

March 2012 has been quite a month.

It is amazing that out of 31 days, only four days record even partial sun.

"Reality Report"

The National Weather Service reports:

Portland is less than half an inch away from breaking the record for the wettest March in more than 50 years, according to the National Weather Service.

Rain is such a part of Northwesterners, that we even have a man of steel imitating our daily lifestyle.

"Mr. Umbrella Man"

Portland’s life-like sculpture tagged by the public as “Umbrella Man”, (actual name:  “Allow Me” by J. Seward) lives in Pioneer Courthouse Square and NEVER puts his umbrella away.  Ever.

Wise man.

Perhaps this is why my mind wanders and wonders…

Do people from the Pacific Northwest appreciate sun more than most?

I tend to think so.

Our FBI (“Family Bureau of Information”) via my son, Dennis, provided an optimistic definition of “Sunny Days in the Northwest”:

  • If it is blue sky anywhere, it is a sunny day.
  • If there are high level clouds and it is bright out, it is a sunny day.
  • If …there are low level clouds, it is partly sunny.
  • If there is rain, it is showers with some sun.
  • If it is pouring, it is raining with a chance of sun.

Optimistic…?  One has to be in order to survive the days of gray.

"Love Sunshine"

Growing up in the Northwest, sunshine has always been a great source of joy for me.

Sunshine and I always had a secret plan in the mornings.  When I would wake up to rays pouring in my windows, it meant Mr. Sun and Linda had a goal.

I would come downstairs to the great light invading our Living Room.  Equal squares stretched out over the hard wood floor.

"Mother's Morning Sun in the Living Room"

Confidence was built in me over time, the pattern would always be the same!  (Even the pictures that I share today of our house growing up, when it was ready to sell, display the same squares I saw as a little girl.)

"Landing of Stairway at Mother's House"

In the morning, as I stood on the landing of the stairway,

I would look out over the floor and ponder… which square would I choose today?

"Mother's Living Room Facing North"

My job, working with Mr. Sun, was to fit my entire 4 year old body into one of those squares without touching the lines.

"Squares of Sunlight"

I would pick out the square,

stand in the center,

squat my petite frame down within the four lines,

tuck my knees tight to my chest,

pull at the rolled up hem of my frayed pink, silk nightgown,

and bring all the edges under the command of my feet!

There.  I fit!


Hold the human cocoon tight and examine if all body parts and nightgown are within the sunshine square.


Mission accomplished… now hold it!

Hold it and just feel the warmth of the sun,

the warmth of the floor,

and even my frayed pink silk nightgown,

gradually warming my body.


The aroma of pancakes and bacon wandered my way, distracting me of my purpose, but I held tight.

"Ava's Morning Pancake"

Silently I would enjoy the moment… today, some would call it~ “Meditate”.

Startled out of my moment of glory, I heard my mother call “Pancakes are ready, better hurry, you don’t want them to get cold.”

Giving myself the permission to release from the organized square, I would jump up, much like a ‘jack-in-the-box’ ready for my next adventure:  the kitchen. Break the all-night-fast!

"Morning Sun in Mother's House"

Whenever the clouds would allow, we would feast on a colorful sunrise, out the kitchen window, while devouring mother’s pancakes.

Growing up in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, we looked east over the Willamette River, to a spectacular view of Mt. Hood.   (Actual picture of a morning sunrise from our kitchen window growing up house)

Even as a child, I don’t think I ever took it for granted.  There is a special splendor of beginning a day with sunshine while breaking the evening fast, especially with mother’s pancakes.

"Morning Sun in our Dream Home"

My mother told us over the years, the importance of the kitchen facing east “… because you get the morning sun.”

So when we planned our new home, it had to have kitchen windows to face east for the morning sun, for whenever it might show it’s yellow face.

And, have windows with squares, because that is just who we are.  (Yes, I know they are called panes.)

"Gathering Room With Square Windows ~ Under Construction"

When the sun shines through and creates little squares on our floor…

"Morning Sun Through Windows in Gathering Room"

I will teach my grandchildren how to pull their knees up close to their chest, tuck them in real tight, and feel the warmth of the sun, within their little corner of their world.

Now, when I come downstairs to the morning’s bright shining light through my window…

"Burst of Morning Sun in Gathering Room"

I am so grateful for the sun, and I see it creating patterns on our “Gathering Room” floor…

"Sunlit Squares in Gathering Room"

I am grateful because us “Northwesterners” treasure those bright sun rays…


as I look at these squares,

I KNOW I won’t fit my ‘little body’ within these lines…

in this “MOMENT IN TIME”.

"Dream House in Sunshine"

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  1. Oh Linda, I stood here in my basement, in front of the computer and cackled like a lunatic, as I clicked on your Weather forecast for Portland. rain,rain,rain,rain,rain,etc. Pretty funny – and true — but this afternoon I looked outside and guess what I saw! ??? — I’m not sure, but I think it was the sun. Yes…we do have a greater appreciation for the sunny days. 🙂

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